After many years we have made the decision to close Tribal Bazaar. I will be continuing to make costumes and devote my time to Yasemin Yildiz Designs. Itís hard finding the time and energy to keeping T.B. going the way it should.

Paul and I have had a great run, made friends, and met so many people at shows, events and online. It has been an amazing experience.

We've made drastic markdowns on the website and will continue until itís all gone. We still have items in our show stock and will try to accommodate anyone wishing to come by. If you want something, and donít see it on the website, just email us, we may have some in stock.

Disclaimer* All sales FINAL! We wonít be ordering any new stock, so unless there is some in back stock, itís gone!

Going out of Business - Everything on SALE!